Jen and Lorenzo officially break up; Bachelor host confirms Sadie’s with Lorenzo in NYC

Almost two months after reports surfaced that the love forged on The Bachelor 9 hadn’t lasted, Lorenzo Borghese and Jennifer Wilson have officially announced their break-up. A PR person for Warner Horizon Television told Entertainment Tonight, “I can confirm that Jen and Lorenzo have broken up.”

In December, reports said Jen was seeing a fellow teacher in Florida, while this month, we learned that Sadie might be moving to New York to be with Lorenzo.

That last item was confirmed by the show’s host, at least in part; Chris Harrison told E! Online’s Kristin that “Sadie has definitely moved to New York. And she and Lorenzo have definitely been going to dinner together, and hanging out together in New York.”

Kristin also reported that “Sadie and Lorenzo are very much an item, and she has been spotted all around New York City canoodling with the good prince. Word is, the two are going very strong–in fact, she’s already met his family.” And citing sources on the set of the show, she notes that Lorenzo “seemed entirely indifferent throughout much of the show’s taping, and I’m told he didn’t make a final decision until two hours before filming the finale.”

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