Donald Trump: “I don’t need Rosie to help me with The Apprentice”

Donald Trump appeared on The Today Show this morning to address his ongoing feud with Rosie O’Donnell, and denied he was continuing to call her names to get attention for The Apprentice 6.

Meredith Viera opened by asking him about the fight, and hysterically, he got mad. “Here we are talking about The Apprentice, and you don’t talk about The Apprentice, you talk about Rosie, and you shouldn’t mention them in the same breath,” he said.

“But you’re fueling the fire,” she said, and Trump replied, “I’d love not to talk about it; she’s not worthy of talking, and, you know, you asked me the question.” Later, he said, “I have no choice … What do we waste time for?”

Then Meredith Viera asked him, “A lot of people think that you’re talking about Rosie so much to fuel the publicity for the sixth season of The Apprentice.”

But Trump dismissed that idea. “The Apprentice has done so well. It was the number one show on television; it continues to do very well. I don’t need Rosie to help me with The Apprentice,” he said.

Trump also admitted that ratings dropped, but said expectations were too high after the first season. As to last season’s ratings, he said, “10 million is a good number and that’s despite the fact that NBC brilliantly ran three of them in one season, and one of them was a catastrophe by Martha Stewart that failed and was taken off the air.”

But the best part of the interview was when he said the following, referring to Rosie O’Donnell:

“I didn’t actually call her crude. I didn’t — although, it’s a good word. I will call her crude. I called her a slob, which is a little different.”

Here is what Donald Trump told Access Hollywood back in December, emphasis mine:

“She says things that come to her mouth, she’s not smart, she’s crude, she’s ignorant and to be honest I look forward to suing Rosie.”

So this begs the question: Does Donald Trump actually believe the shit that comes out of his mouth?

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