Home video footage shows Apprentice candidates, cameras, Ivanka during a task

Ever wonder what it’s like being one of the everyday people who gets to interact with an Apprentice team as they screw up yet another task? Perhaps not, but via FishbowlLA comes a home video that provides such a perspecitve, a behind-the-scenes look at one of the future Apprentice 6 tasks, filmed by people who were the unlucky guinea pigs.

The task apparently involves the candidates creating and hosting a tour of LA on a bus for tourists, and is definitely not from Sunday’s episode, so the three identifiable candidates are mild spoilers. And this isn’t the first task to leak: Last summer, we heard about an LA Galaxy halftime show presented by the candidates that wasn’t received very well.

Tragically, it appears that the contestants get even more obnoxious. In the video, Aaron shows up at first, but then Stefani and James take over the tour. James basically screams with fake excitement as he tells a bus full of bored tourists things such as, “Did you know that Miss Julia Roberts DOES NOT HAVE A STAR?!” Stefani pretends as if she’s going to climb up the fire escape outside the window that was supposed to be Julia Roberts’ in Pretty Woman, and she does so with such strained enthusiasm that the tourists almost seem scared.

The annoyingly edited home video footage also shows Ivanka Trump taking pictures with tourists on the bus–they knew who she was?–and a number of shots of the show’s camera crew, which are rather intrusive and present. Here it is: