Apprentice 6’s first 20 minutes are online; contest will let a viewer shadow the winner

In advance of Sunday’s return of The Apprentice 6, Donald Trump has been picking a fight with Rosie O’Donnell, saying increasingly nasty things about her. But apparently that’s not the show’s entire PR strategy.

Instead, NBC is streaming the first 20 minutes of the show on and Yahoo, according to a press release. The actual show debuts Sunday night.

Perhaps as a way to draw viewers to its site, Yahoo says it has “the first 24 minutes of the season premiere,” although has just the first 20 minutes of the 90-minute premiere.

Yahoo is also offering a game that “lets fans predict each week what will happen on the show,” according to TV Week. But the prize is priceless: “The winner of the game will get to shadow the show’s winner for two weeks in his or her new job at the Trump Organization.” According to the official rules, the “winner will receive a trip for the winner to the city in which the winner of The Apprentice Season 6 TV series chooses to work for the Trump Organization, hotel accommodations for two weeks, a per diem, and an additional stipend.” and Yahoo! Giving Viewers Sneak Peek… [NBC press release]
Yahoo to Offer ‘Apprentice’ Game [TV Week]