U.S. Court of Appeals agrees to hear Richard Hatch’s appeal

A U.S. Court of Appeals has agreed to hear Richard Hatch’s appeal of his conviction. The hearing will take place March 8.

Richard’s lawyer, Michael Minns, told the Providence Journal, “I am deeply grateful that they have decided to hear us. I expected them to do it because these are serious, important constitutional issues.”

The appeal filed by Minns claimed “the testimony the judge relied upon in determining that Hatch obstructed justice related to fraud counts for which Hatch was actually acquitted,” and “said that the defense was inappropriately limited in cross-examining government witnesses,” according to the paper.

Here’s how Minns explained the need for an appeal in court filings:

“Standing alone, it must have appeared unreasonable, even ridiculous, and certainly untrue, that Hatch believed someone else paid his taxes. How absurd, that Hatch would think he didn’t owe taxes on his $1 million! But, given the opportunity to explain why, in the first place, Hatch had the idea that his taxes would be paid — a behind-the-scenes deception on the Survivor show tantamount to an attempt to rig the contest, and a subsequent agreement proposed by Burnett — and Hatch’s belief would have appeared more reasonable and truthful to the jury.”

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