Road Rules returns tonight with Viewers’ Revenge

Two and a half years after it was left for dead by MTV, Road Rules–the first competitive reality series of the modern reality TV era–returns with a new format and structure. Road Rules: Viewers’ Revenge debuts at 9 p.m. ET tonight.

This will be the 14th season of the show, which in its most recent years devolved into an ugly, poorly executed imitation of Fear Factor and Survivor. With the game adopting a new structure that will allow viewers to select replacements for eliminated cast members, the show will not be returning to its roots, sending a group of 20-somethings out on a road trip to complete tasks together. Instead, the show will stay anchored in California,

The show will air two episodes every week, one on television, and one online, and will unfold in real time. As MTV revealed earlier, six cast members will “nominate the weakest male and female for elimination” after each task, and “viewers at home will vote which of those two cast members will enter an elimination face-off.” That competition will be broadcast online, if anyone can find the video on MTV’s ridiculously unusable, colossally useless web site, which right now unsurprisingly says little about the new show. In addition, viewers will select a new cast member to challenge and maybe replace the other cast member. And MTV says the “now ex-Road Ruler … can lobby the viewers to put him/her back in the game” as a challenger.

The six initial cast members are Abram (Road Rules South Seas), Adam (Road Rules 10: The Quest), Shane (Road Rules Campus Crawl), Kina (Road Rules Xtreme), Susie (Road Rules Australia), and Veronica (Road Rules Semester at Sea).

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