MTV reveals cast for Road Rules 2007: Viewers’ Revenge

Taking a cue from Microsoft, MTV has named the new season of its second reality show Road Rules 2007. The subtitle, Viewers’ Revenge, identifies the show’s new interactive elements.

Viewers will select “who from the RV ends up in the MTV Online elimination round, and … who from the roster of replacements on competes against that Road Ruler for their spot,” according to MTV. But viewers aren’t entirely in control. Here’s how the game works, according to a press release:

“After each weeks mission, the cast will return to home base and the cast, themselves, will nominate the weakest male and female for elimination. Immediately after the show airs, viewers at home will vote which of those two cast members will enter an elimination face-off that will air exclusively on At the same time the viewers are nominating a cast member to send into elimination, they will also vote for the challenger from The Pit Crew — an internet replacement board of potential male and female replacements. … If the current Road Rules cast member wins the competition, he/she returns to the RV — and the cast-mates who nominated him/her for elimination. If he/she loses, the challenger replaces him/her with the now ex-Road Ruler joining the other potential replacements on the internet board where he/she can lobby the viewers to put him/her back in the game.”

Because of this, the RV won’t exactly travel around the entire country; “home base” refers to California, presumably Los Angeles. They will only “travel to overnight locations for their mission and nomination,” MTV says.

The initial six passengers in the RV mostly consists of people who are currently making their livings on the Challenges. They are: Abram (Road Rules South Seas), Adam (Road Rules 10: The Quest), Shane (Road Rules Campus Crawl), Kina (Road Rules Xtreme), Susie (Road Rules Australia), and Veronica (Road Rules Semester at Sea).

The show debuts Tuesday, Jan. 30 at 9 p.m. ET, but a preview/casting special will air Jan. 23rd at 10.

Viewers Take the Wheel as MTV’s Road Rules Returns with “Road Rules 2007: Viewers’ Revenge” [MTV press release]