Bravo’s president says “I think so” when asked if the show will return this year

Bravo’s president isn’t quite sure if Project Runway will return for a fourth season this year. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan, Lauren Zalaznick said, “I think so,” when asked if the show will be back this year.

She elaborated by saying, “We’re fluid. I’m not saying that because we’re cagey. Our [‘Runway’] time frame is dictated by the fashion shows, and [those occur in] September and February.” Lest fans get worried, she also said, “I can just say flat out, our first priority is to ‘Runway.'”

As to Tim Gunn not yet being signed for Project Runway 4, even though Bravo created a whole new show for him, Zalaznick said, “We don’t sign talent for that show,” although “the network has every expectation and wish that all of ‘Runway’s’ talent will be back for Season 4.” She also said, “Tim and Heidi, … I think they’re ‘Runway.’ But I think everyone thinks that.”

Those who do sign the talent, Ryan reports, are “the Weinstein Company, which produces the show.” They are “responsible for contracts with ‘Runway’s’ judges and hosts.”

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