Rolling Stone cast member Krishtine: “Fucking MTV. They are my creator and my destroyer.”

I’m From Rolling Stone cast member Krishtine de Leon posted a long blog entry Tuesday responding to criticism. She starts by writing, “As a journalist, I have emerged the ultimate sacrificial lamb and BECAME my own story. … Fucking MTV. They are my creator and my destroyer.”

In part, she’s responding to an Idolator post that quotes from a person who alleges to be an editor of hers in college. That editor said, “[I] apologize for any small part I may have played, against my will, in unleashing this nightmare into the craft of journalism and the world at large.”

Krishtine responds, writing, “How benevolent of you, especially since SFSU’s Journalism Department is a joke and you probably cater to the elitism that seperates the real journalists, like myself and Russell Morse, with “college editors” like you who will only gain notoriety off their own hate (and my shine.) You better wish that I don’t find out who the fuck you are. Hatin-ass, racist-ass, bitch-ass, cracka-ass, lyin-ass, salty-ass mothafucka.”

She also deconstructs other critiism, specifically comments focused on the fact that she’s Asian (“Asian women are supposed to act subservient. I do not.”), female (“It is interesting, however, that this question of sexuality is only brought up to the women in the show.”), and has gold teeth (“what the fuck does my grill have to do with anything?”).

She also responds to those who are jealous, writing, “I smell it, bitches, and it ain’t pretty. I’ma be real: most of these bloggers out there are compensating for their insignificance. … We all know who the fuck you are: mousy audition-rejects that suffer from inferiority complexes. Wannabe-journalists that use their delusional excuse for important conversation as a reason for me not deserving this opportunity.”

Bring on the HATE! [Guerilla Busfare via Idolator]