FOX’s When Women Rule the World will have “macho, chauvinistic guys” obeying women

Just when it seemed like the days of FOX catering to the lowest common denominator were behind us, FOX has started production on a series tentatively titled When Women Rule the World.

FOX’s Mike Darnell, who’s responsible for series such as Joe Millionaire, describes the series to Variety: “You take 12 attractive women who feel like it’s still a man’s world and who think they’ve hit a glass ceiling, and you give them their own society to run. Then you take 12 macho, chauvinistic guys who also think men rule the world and see how they survive in a world where they’re literally manservants. … They’ll have to obey every command from the women.”

They’ll also have to build the sets/housing: According to Variety, “the accommodations inhabited by the men and women won’t be complete when the contestants arrive. The men will have to help build it up, as well as find water and heat.”

The show will be a competition, as the men will be eliminated, and the winner gets $250,000.

FOX president Peter Liguori says, “What it’s doing, in a very Fox-like fashion, is testing social mores. This is a social experiment and not a sexual experiment. We decided, why not create this Petri dish of a society and see what happens.”

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