Men “don’t feel as awkward” dancing thanks to Emmitt Smith

Dancing with the Stars 3 winner Emmitt Smith has had an effect on men everywhere: His extreme masculinity has allowed them to embrace the previously feminine pastime of ballroom dancing.

For example, 40-year-old Jay Pintor tells the AP that he “definitely wasn’t into it. But then you see this big football player doing it — I mean, you don’t get much manlier than Emmitt. I just don’t feel as awkward anymore.”

Another man, 46-year-old Steve Hill, says, “It was inspiring to see this rough and tough guy not just surviving, but excelling. Now I figure, if I want to do it, I should do it. Let the stigma be for the viewers, not the doers.”

Notice how both men only say the word “it,” not daring to utter the phrase “ballroom dancing,” lest they suddenly grow vaginas.

But their avoidance of the phrase makes sense in the context of a Wisconsin construction worker’s story. Kris Gehring tells the AP that his colleagues called him “Twinkletoes” because “he now takes ballroom dancing lessons.” Kind of strange that Wisconsin lets five-years-old boys who are insecure about their penises work construction.

A San Jose dance studio manager agrees that Emmitt Smith has had a positive impact on the sport; his dance studio has seen increased enrollment due to what the AP calls the “Emmitt Effect.” Bobby Gonzalez says, “Lots of guys didn’t really give credit to how much (dancing is) a sport, how athletic it can be. But Emmitt definitely proved it is.”

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