Beauty and the Geek 3 debuts tonight; cast includes Playboy model, actresses, comedians

The CW debuts the third season of Beauty and the Geek tonight at 8 p.m. ET. The two-hour premiere starts another season in which “eight gorgeous but academically impaired women with eight brilliant but socially challenged men to test intellect and social skills,” The CW says.

This season, there will be more love connections between the geeks and the beauties, executive producer Jason Goldberg tells TV Guide. He says, “this year, the hookups are unbelievable. Threesomes! It’s fantastic television.” He also says that there aren’t any fakers. “There can’t be. We put them through lie-detector tests. You can watch the scale move back and forth or up and down and see whether or not they’re full of it.”

But the cast members haven’t exactly been plucked from obscurity, as their MySpace pages, discovered by enterprising Wikipedians, show. Nate has a MySpace page for his stand-up comedy, while Niels is a dating coach. One of the women, Megan, was a Playboy Cybergirl, and on her MySpace page, Nadia says her “dream is to become a successful actress, so my sights are set on L.A.” And Jennylee says she “worked as a model and actress for many years” in Las Vegas. Most of this, however, is mentioned in the cast members’ official bios, although Jennylee is listed only as a “model” who is “considering a career in fitness and nutrition.”

So is the new season good? The New York Daily News’ David Bianculli calls it “effortlessly watchable, with more laughs than many of this year’s sitcoms,” and while The Boston Herald’s Mark A. Perigard says the show “remains one of the sweetest reality shows on the networks,” he says “its format is starting to look as predictable as the periodic table.” And The Los Angeles Times’ Jon Caramanica says it has “a slight misogynistic streak. No matter how poorly they perform in challenges, the nerdy men can’t get much more unappealing.”

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