Some interview videos deleted as Paula insists she’s “not under the influence of anything”

On Saturday, Paula Abdul defended her recent behavior to TV critics. “I’ve never been drunk. I’m not under the influence of anything. The first five years no one said anything about how I behaved or how I talked,” she said, according to The New York Times.

Of course, that’s not exactly true, because it was last year that she started acting like a complete assclown. Simon Cowell addressed one of those moments from last season; according to the Toronto Sun, Simon said that “meltdown was entirely his fault; he had planted the phrase which made her sound so nuts.”

After Simon admitted that, Paula kissed him, and then said she’d heard, “What’s wrong with Paula? She’s drunk. She’s drugged. Oh, she’s not making sense.” Yes, exactly! Now you’ve got it.

Regarding her more recent strange behavior, Paula is sticking with the techincal issues excuse, even though that refers to just one interview, not the three we’ve seen. She told critics, according to the Times, “I didn’t know I had two studios in my ear. I wish it were a better story, but that’s it.”

For what it’s worth, Paula, we wish you had a better story, too.

The New York Times also reports that “[m]ost of those taped segments, which had been posted on video-sharing sites like YouTube, have been removed from the Internet in recent days.” That’s true of this one, but others remain. If excuses fail, just delete the evidence.

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