Paula Abdul cancels interviews, blaming behavior on “technical difficulties” and her new reality show

Paula Abdul’s spokesperson says the American Idol judge was “absolutely not” on something during her most recent interview, which featured lots of word-slurring and swaying. She was, he said, neither drunk nor on meds, but was tired since cameras for her new Bravo reality series were there.

He also says she behaved strangely because of “technical difficulties.” Jeff Ballard told People magazine, “This is the only one that went bad due to technical difficulties. The sound dropped not once but twice. She was totally distracted by the whole thing.”

But Ballard told Reuters, “She was exhausted. This was at the end of three days of press (interviews and appearances), and she has had cameras following her around for a reality TV show too. … She was sitting in a room with just a camera and a mic on, and the controllers dropped the sound twice, which is why she rolled her eyes.” He added, “She never drinks. I have known Paula Abdul since she was 13, and I have never seen her drink ever in my life. … And no, she is not on any kind of medication.”

But as Reuters reports, she “canceled all media interviews on Friday because she had a sore throat after sitting in the chilly studio on Thursday.” One of those other interviews comes to us via TVtattle, and it features more crazy behavior–I mean, “technical difficulties.”

After Paula spent much of her interview with FOX 2 in Oakland staring at the ceiling and swaying, reporter Ross McGowan asked her, “Do you always wiggle around that much?” She said, “I’m a dancer, I’m doing dance moves.” Here, then, is Paula Abdul’s dance party, part two:

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