FOX may air more than 45 hours of American Idol 6

FOX and the producers of American Idol 6 are considering increasing the length of the show, or at least the amount of hours the show will be on the air during its run.

“Last year we all sat down and came up with 45 hours, which we didn’t feel abused the show. This year we feel it will be at least 45, but it may be marginally longer,” FOX VP Preston Beckman told TV Week.

He said it’s unfair for people to criticize the length. “Every network uses their top shows to maximize their performance, and I don’t understand why we’re held to a different standard. God forbid any other network had this show,” he said.

TV Week examines the number of minutes of the show that have aired every season (except season two, which it leaves out). Here’s the time you’ll never get back, which I’ve also converted to hours:

  • season 1: 1,350 minutes, 22.5 hours
  • season 3: 2,701 minutes, 45.02 hours
  • season 4: 2,440 minutes, 40.67 hours
  • season 5: 2,714 minutes, 45.23 hours
Fox Primes Lineup With ‘Idol’ Fuel [TV Week]