Semi-finalist Jory Steinberg once had a seven-record deal with David Foster, “double platinum” single

A Hollywood-bound semi-finalist Jory Steinberg once signed a seven-record contract with David Foster and was “[t]outed as the next Alanis Morissette,” The Ottawa Citizen reports.

In 1998, Jory signed “a seven-album deal with record label 143, owned by Canadian-born producer David Foster,” the paper reports. She auditioned in New York; after the judges unanimously sent her on to Hollywood, Simon Cowell asked, “Why can’t they all be like that?”

She also had one song on the I Still Know What You Did Last Summer soundtrack, which lists her name as Jory Eve, and had one song, “Try to Say Goodbye,” that “did make it to Canadian radio and fared well overseas,” according to the Citizen. Of that song, Jory says, “I think it went double platinum in Australia or Japan.”

What happened? “A management shuffle at the record label occurred before her first album was even given a title and the record was never released,” according to the paper. To audition for American Idol, one must not have a current recording contract.

Her former vocal coach, Yoriko Tanno-Kimmons, says, “She’s too good. She was too clean. When those other popular girls came along, they can’t sing, but they went for dirty lines to sell. She didn’t go for that.”

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