Blog tracks down MySpace pages of Idol auditioners

It’s 2007, which means everyone and their asshole has a MySpace page. That includes the people whose auditions for American Idol 6 aired on Tuesday night.

The appropriately named blog deathbycamera has tracked down 11 of those MySpace pages from the first episode, and 14 more from last night’s episode.

Their rationale for this makes perfect sense: “Those who are featured here may be upset, embarrassed, enraged, annoyed about me posting about them on my website and linking to their myspace. My response to you is: You just made an ass out of yourself on national televison. What the fuck did you think you were getting into when you went on American Idol.”

The blog mostly just makes fun of the MySpace pages and various admissions on those pages. But it also has discovered a few embarrassing revelations; one red-haired auditoner from last night says on his MySpace page, “i am herb friendly.” Another is wearing the same shirt in his pictures as he wore in Seattle.

Another even addresses how much he sucked on Idol: The nerdy auditioner writes, “Congratulations on finding the profile of the biggest black hole in Idol history.” Then again, he also says, “Obviously I want to recover from this somehow,” and includes a recording of a demo he produced.

American Idol Myspace Hunt: Round #1 and American Idol Myspace Hunt: Round #2 [deathbycamera]