Real World Denver house sold for $3.3 million, will become a “classy” restaurant and lounge

The property that housed The Real World Denver kids last summer has been purchased for $3.3 million, and its new owners will “reopen it as an upscale lounge and restaurant by early summer,” the Denver Post reports.

Similarly, The Real World Austin house was turned into a restaurant, and its manager, Jeff Burnaugh, says the fact that the show was taped there isn’t a huge draw. “We do get a little bit of ‘Real World’ recognition, but it’s mostly the teenage girls who get really excited. We don’t really promote it. We use it mainly as a point of reference to tell people where we are.”

In Denver, the new Abbey Restaurant and Lounge “will keep about 50 percent of the MTV decorations, including the Jeep Wrangler- turned-bar,” according to the paper, and developers “plan to spend more than $1.2 million renovating the property.” The new owner, Steve Alexander, says, “We want to do something classy” with the space.

As for “the courtyard, where the MTV cast spent last summer playing basketball and hanging out in the hot tub,” the paper says it “will be turned into an outdoor bar,” hopefully after it’s been treated for scabies.

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