Survivor race war update: another white person leaves, perhaps bringing the race war to an end

The Survivor Cook Islands race war seems to be all but over, thanks to Jonathan betraying his alliance of Caucasions a few weeks ago. It was obnoxious Jonathan who went home last night, evening out the racial/original tribe balance.

Jonathan’s defection helped ensure that the dominant post-merge tribe could not pick off the smaller tribe’s members, all of whom were non-white. And now, based upon the previews for next week, the newly empowered, formerly smaller alliance may fracture instead of continuing to pick off the white tribe members. The preview showed Adam, Parvati, Yul, and Becky considering getting rid of Ozzy. Of course, if the preview shows it, it might just be a big red herring, especially since Yul seemed committed to a final three that included Becky, Ozzy, and himself.

It’s certainly continuing to be an interesting season, and there are now just two episodes left (next Thursday’s penultimate episode and the Dec. 17 finale).

If anyone cares anymore, here’s the breakdown by original tribe of those who’ve been voted off so far:

  • Aitu (Latino): 4
  • Hiki (black): 4
  • Puka (Asian): 3
  • Raro (white): 3