Survivor race war update: a second white person gets voted off the island

Jonathan’s betrayal of his alliance last week on Survivor Cook Islands led to an inevitable conclusion this week: another white person–the second of the whole game–was going home. The question was whether or not that would be increasingly obnoxious Jonathan or mutinous Candice.

In the end, the new Yul-led alliance voted for Candice with Jonathan’s help, and she went home. Before Jeff Probst could snuff out her torch, however, Candice made out with Adam for a few moments right there at Tribal Council. Somewhere, Billy was squirming in his chair.

So, here’s the updated tally as to who’s been voted off so far, organized by original tribe:

  • Aitu (Latino): 4
  • Hiki (black): 4
  • Puka (Asian): 3
  • Raro (white): 2