Survivor Cook Island finale twists revealed

Jeff Probst has revealed the twists that will be featured on Sunday’s finale of Survivor Cook Islands. While these definitely spoil twists in the game, there is no information about individuals or the outcome of the game.

As I speculated back in November, when the jury began to be formed earlier than usual, there will be a final three, not two. And with a jury of nine, that means the jury could tie for the first time in the show’s history.

“The reaction [to this twist] is mixed,” Jeff Probst tells TV Guide. “A couple are excited because it gives them an extra shot at the million. But for the other two, there is a sense of dread — they realize the strategy they had been planning won’t work. From an audience point of view, the best news is that you have at least two people who are likable and very deserving of winning, and for me, that is a home run. I’ll be very satisfied that whoever wins is a good winner.”

Probst also reveals the content of the final two challenges, and says that one of them is so frustrating he was unable to complete it.

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