Project Runway producers will “find a way to work around [Tim Gunn’s] schedule”

Will the as-yet-unnanounced Project Runway 4 be filmed without its breakout star, Tim Gunn? That’s been the speculation ever since Tim talked to Maureen Ryan at The Chicago Tribune and said he hadn’t been signed for the next season. He also added, “Parsons pays my bills.”

Entertainment Weekly quotes that line (without attribution, for shame), but gets “a source close to” the show to say, “We’re confident the whole team will be back. We’ll find a way to work around his schedule.” The magazine also reports that “contracts are in place for hostess Heidi Klum and judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors.”

People quotes a Weinstein Company spokesperson on the record, who says basically the same thing. “As we have in past seasons, we will find a way to work around everyone’s schedules, and are confident the team will be back,” Sarah Rothman said. That does suggest they’re considering taping sooner than next summer, when Parsons would be available for production. Then again, the show has not yet even begun casting.

Perhaps the most upsetting part about this is that, as Entertainment Weekly reported, Tim “didn’t return calls for comment,” which could fuel speculation that he’s not returning. Hopefully, he’s just playing hardball and demanding the cheap-asses at Bravo pay him what he’s worth.

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