Steven Spielberg will only appear in On the Lot’s finale; show will debut in May

Steven Spielberg’s new reality show On the Lot will debut in May, according to Newsweek, but the director won’t really be part of his own show.

According to the magazine, “Spielberg won’t show up until the last episode, when he’ll escort the winner to his or her new office.” Spielberg explains that the show is not a clone of The Apprentice. “Frankly, I’ve got too much on my plate to be a member of the cast. Besides, there’s only room on this planet for one Trump,” he said.

It may not be anything like Trump’s show, but it’s also not exactly treading unfamiliar ground, at least in terms of the series’ structure and format, which will let viewers vote on which director gets eliminated each week. Executive producer Mark Burnett says, “We all watch movies and sit there saying this movie is great or that one is crap. This show gives the audience the experience of being a critic.”

The magazine reports that the show was born when Spielberg and executive producer Mark Burnett were talking about collaborating on a film, and Spielberg says, “I mentioned that I was interested in sweeping the world to find new actors and directors. I said, ‘You know, it could also be a reality show’.”