MTV’s reality Entourage twentyfourseven and the WE’s reality Dirty Dancing both debut tonight

Two cable networks debut reality shows tonight that are real-life versions of two dramas, one movie and one television show.

On MTV, twentyfourseven debuts at 10:30 p.m. ET, and we know that is very hip because its title has no spaces. The series follows Greg Carney and his “7-pack of guys” who move to LA together, kind of like HBO’s Entourage. MTV says “we’ll see how they deal with power, fame and endless temptations. … Most of all, we’ll witness their friendships tested through thick and thin.”

But The Boston Herald’s Mark A. Perigard says it’s “pure comedy that follows when seven numskulls make Hollywood their playground.” Newsday’s Verne Gay says it’s “as dumb as dirt, and, as a consequence, even makes Hollywood seem more toxic than it probably is,” although that “means MTV’s got a big hit on its hands.”

On the WE network, 18 women compete in a dance competition that’s inspired by, and named after, a 1980s film. The first of six episodes of Dirty Dancing debuts at 10. After an initial group is narrowed, three dance instructors will work with three women “to train in their respective dance styles, which range from hip-hop to tango,” WE says. Despite the suggestive title, the series is apparently a non-celebrity version of Dancing with the Stars. Cris Judd, who’s not really famous for winning ABC’s reality show I’m a Celebrity–Get Me Out of Here, hosts.

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