Rolling Stone previews its journalism-centered MTV reality show, reveals the cast

MTV’s new reality series I’m from Rolling Stone debuts Jan. 7 at 10, and Rolling Stone has unveiled a blog that offers a preview of the series.

That preview begins by saying the show is “A fresh take on reality. No weekly eliminations. No hot tubs. Just six young writers following a dream.” We see the six 20-something journalists conducting interviews, facing deadlines, attending concerts, and talking to musicians.

How could any of this — actual work, actual music — possibly have ended up on MTV? There is some MTVish drama. “Half if my writing is when I’m drunk,” one writer says, while another tells her boss that “Slug” from Atmosphere “kind of, like, came on to me and threw me up against his tour bus.” But most of the drama seems to come from the pressure of working for Rolling Stone.

That pressure lasts for the summer; at the end, the magazine’s editors select one of the six to become a contributing editor for a year. The six cast members are Krishtine de Leon, Peter Maiden, Tika Milan, Russell Morse, Krystal Simpson, and Colin Stutz.

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