I Love New York cast includes two actors; show will debut online Jan. 2

I Love New York, the first spin-off of Flavor of Love, will debut January 8 at 9 p.m. ET. However, VH1 has a new year’s gift for all fans of the show, as it will be viewable online starting Jan 2.

Also online are two three-minute casting specials are now on VH1’s V-Spot and YouTube, which feature New York and her mom screening casting tapes: part one and part two.

While the cast has yet to be officially named, a photo of the cast has surfaced, and we have learned that, like Survivor Cook Islands, the show includes a few actors. It’s not clear if they’re ringers or actors who are desperate for New York’s love and/or the attention that will come with starring in the most anticipated spin-off since Saved by the Bell: The New Class. It’s also not clear why anyone would question the motives behind men willing to appear on I Love New York.

As GuyTVBlog.com reports, those actors are Mauricio Sanchez, identified as Chamo by the show, and Jason Rosell, known as Heat. Sanchez has appeared on All My Children and Guiding Light, while Rosell once appeared on Gilmore Girls.

There are also rumors, as GuyTVBlog and others note, that Flavor Flav himself will appear on the show. If he joins the cast and New York picks him, I’ll basically expect New York to pull her face off and reveal that she’s Sasha Baron Cohen, who will then have officially proven, by virtue of getting us to watch three seasons of this, that all Americans are idiots.

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