Taylor Hicks says his comments “[were] taken completely out of context,” will watch Idol

Taylor Hicks, who looks like an ungrateful bastard after an interview he gave, is now backing away from those comments.

During the interview with Relix magazine, Taylor Hicks said, “You know what? I don’t watch it [American Idol] either! [laughs] You can write that.”

But now, he told KIIS-FM that remark “was taken completely out of context. I will be watching next season on my tour bus.” Yeah, really easy to take those three sentences out of context, especially since the last one practically begs the reporter to print it.

Also in the interview, Taylor said, “I tried to make that single my own single but in reality it’s the show’s single. It’s not mine.” Again, he has a creative excuse, telling In Touch magazine in a separate interview, “Those words were taken completely out of context. I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to be on American Idol. It’s a show that teaches a lot of young people about music and ties families together. I’m very grateful.” Very grateful for a publicist who can line up interviews for you to do damage control.

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