Chris Daughtry’s record is number two; Paris Bennett signs a record deal

Chris Daughtry’s debut album, oddly called Daughtry, debuted at number two on the Billboard 200. It sold 304,000 copies, according to Billboard.

After only one week, that already places him at number eight on the all-time sales chart among Idol contestants.

Meanwhile, USA TODAY’s Idol Chatter reports that Paris Bennett “has signed a deal and is expected to have an album out in February.” While an official announcement has yet to be made, the blog reports that “one of USA TODAY’s music reporters was pitched by a publicist about it.”

In quasi-related news, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Paris lost weight because “she wanted to look good on her CD.”

Paris says, “I’ve probably lost a lot of weight.” She also cryptically adds, “I’m doing something new. I have a new thing that I want to share with my fans and my audience. Something completely different. I have so much in my life that’s changed that I want to talk about.”

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