Jennifer Hudson’s Dreamgirls performance generates Oscar buzz

The new adaptaion of Dreamgirls opens on Friday in New York and LA, and on Christmas for the rest of us, and American Idol 3 finalist Jennifer Hudson’s performance is getting most of the pre-release press. There’s even talk “buzz that she may win an Oscar,” Reuters reports.

“It’s the biggest honor I could possibly get. I’m so grateful. All I wanted was the part, and to hear this now? It’s very exciting,” Jennifer told Reuters.

Jennifer won the role over her fellow American Idol 3 finalist, and the show’s winner, but Fantasia says that’s okay. She tells Entertainment Weekly, “I was a little hurt. … But it wasn’t for me. I remember calling Jennifer. She picked up the phone and I said, ‘Heifer, you took my part!'”

Meanwhile, a report in the Dallas Voice quoted Jennifer as saying that being gay is a sin, but also adding, “I have plenty of gay friends.” But she responded on her MySpace page, saying that, as a result of the story, “My feelings are so hurt and I can’t sleep. Anybody that knows me, knows that just ain’t true. Its makes me so mad that people can twist your words and say anything they want. And, there’s nothing I can do about it, except to say, please don’t believe everything you read.”

Hudson steals ‘Dreamgirls,’ flirts with Oscar [AP]