USA debuts The Great American Christmas reality movie tonight

Tonight at 9 p.m. ET, USA debuts a reality TV movie titled The Great American Christmas. It also airs Wednesday at 4, Dec. 2 at 4, and Dec. 3 at 9.

The film follows six couples/families, who were “each picked for their distinctive and interesting takes on celebrating Christmas,” USA says. Howie Mandel narrates and “examines our nation’s biggest holiday.”

It’s not so much a documentary as it is an “unscripted movie.” And if the premise sounds boring, the executive producers are Gary Auerbach and Julie Auerbach, who executive produced Rollergirls and Laguna Beach.

The stories, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, include “a Los Angeles ex-con trying to get straight with his family; a Chicago mother staging a big family reunion; a gay man hoping to reconcile with his conservative Midwestern relations; the Schullers of the Orange County Crystal Cathedral; a New Yorker trucking his goods cross-country to move closer to his Los Angeles girlfriend; and a speed-skater trying out for the U.S. Winter Olympics team.”

The Great American Christmas [USA Network]