Bravo VP says comments about Padma Lakshmi’s wardrobe may be anti-semitic

Reading Bravo VP Andy Cohen’s self-serving blog, which this week includes photographs of himself on the Top Chef set, is an uncomfortable experience. The subtext in all of the entries suggests that he’s incredibly concerned with showing off how incredibly cool and connected he is, unlike those of us pathetic plebeians who only get to see his network’s stars on TV. At the same time, he’s desperately trying to make us like him. It’s sad, really, and nearly pointless to read.

Thankfully, Defamer suffered through reading it this week, and discovered something interesting. Cohen is upset about alleged criticism of “Padma’s clothes being inappropriate for the kitchen.” (I’m kind of surprised anyone has time to look at her clothes, because I’m always in shock that the show now has a host who’s not a personality-less robot, and whenever Tom Colicchio’s standing next to her, he draws most of the light in the room looking like an elderly tourist at Walt Disney World with his open, button-up shirts and their fluorescent 1970s designs.)

Anyway, Cohen says “that anyone who thinks Padma looks inappropriate just might be cloaking some form of anti-semitism in their comments and might want to look within instead of at Padma.”

He may be joking here, because he precedes that with this: “Being Jewish, I was raised to believe that models who know about food should look as white-hot as possible while tasting and discussing food.” But who knows, because layered irony is only decipherable by Hollywood insiders like himself.

Update: Cohen confirms he was joking in a new post, writing, “I was attempting to answer the issue while lampooning the intensely sensitive, PC world we live in today, like a very low-rent, blog version of Borat. It didn’t work and I am sorry.”

Photoblog: Top Chef [Bravo via Defamer]