Survivor race war update: Jonathan switches allegiance again as yet another non-white person goes home

It’s kind of tragic that the most recent episode of Survivor Cook Islands aired on Thanksgiving. Viewership was down by about three million viewers (likely due to the holiday), even though this was one of the more dramatic episodes in recent memory. This season is continuing to rise to new highs in terms of drama and game play.

However, it’s also reaching new lows in terms of the way all of this looks considering the race-based tribes that began the season. As of right now, all the black people except one, and all the Latinos except one, have been voted out of Survivor Cook Islands.

This past week, Jonathan changed his allegiance yet again, and helped the smaller alliance in a newly merged tribe vote out Nate. This happened after Yul decided to trust Jonathan again, which is either brilliant or stupid, or both.

Here’s our increasingly horrifying tally of the number of people voted out so far, as of week 10:

  • Aitu (Latino): 4
  • Hiki (black): 4
  • Puka (Asian): 3
  • Raro (white): 1