Survivor race war update: twist leads Raro to vote out two more people of color

This season of Survivor is shaping up to be the best season in years. The interesting part is, that has almost nothing to do with the attention-getting racial divisions, although they’ve left a cloud hanging over the whole season.

For example, last night, after being defeated by the underdog tribe of four two more times, Raro was forced to vote out two people in a stunning Tribal Council twist. They voted out two of their three non-white members–even though, again, one of the white people is an obnoxious ass who is a major threat. That guy, Jonathan, may soon get his wish of having an all-white tribe.

The major drama this season is thanks to last week’s twist, the mutiny, which left Aitu as an underdog tribe of four people (who are, incidentally, all of color). They have proceeded to kick the asses of the other tribe, and nothing makes for a better Survivor game than the underdogs taking down a larger, more arrogant group.

That larger group is now much smaller, and if they lose just one more time and go to Tribal Council, they could vote out Nate, leaving a tribe of white people to face off against a tribe of people with different ethnicities. Then the race war will truly begin. And to update our scoreboard, here are the number of people voted off based upon their original tribe membership:

  • Aitu (Latino): 4
  • Hiki (black): 3
  • Puka (Asian): 3
  • Raro (white): 1