Clips of Oscar ‘Ozzy’ Lusth having sex on Playboy TV appear online

Besides a number of actors, Survivor Cook Islands also has a former reality TV star and a porn star, all bundled up into one contestant. Oscar “Ozzie” Lusth appeared in an episode of Playboy TV’s Foursome, Star reported earlier this fall. The series calls itself “the only TV dating program that shows everything,” and that’s an understatement.

The episode includes him getting oral sex from one of the women, mud wrestling and showering naked, and having sex with both women–and during it all, he’s using his real name.

Now, a poster at the Campfire Video Discussion Board has uploaded 11 Ozzy-centered images and video clips from the episode, and they show Ozzy proving that he’s as talented on other reality shows as he is on Survivor. (The clips and images are, of course, not safe for work, as everyone is fully naked and often engaged in somewhat hard-core sex.)

I’ve never seen the Playboy TV series before, but it’s really fascinating to watch pornography in reality TV form. While he’s getting oral sex from one of the female participants, the clip cuts to an interview, where Ozzy–looking and sounding just like he does on Survivor–tells the camera, “She starts going down on me, and does an excellent job, excellent job. She’s got a lot of talent in that field.” Later, in a voice-over, he says, “I blew my load in her mouth like she told me to, because that’s how she likes it.”

Update: omg blog has NSFW images and screen captures

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