Official Project Runway soundtrack will be released Tuesday

Songs from Project Runway have been avaliable online for some time: the series’ composer has offered MP3s of the show’s theme and runway show music, and Lifter, the group that composed Jeffrey’s final runway song, has “Swing” on their MySpace page.

On Tuesday, though, Bravo will release an original soundtrack for the show on CD and via iTunes. The tracks include “Prodigal,” a song used sometimes during the runway part of each episode; “Rushed,” the song used during those rapid work montages; and “Get Plastered,” the show’s theme song (both of which are on the composer’s site).

All of the songs are the original songs composed by Harold Barefoot Sanders III for the show. It does not, however, include the songs from the season three finalists’ Bryant Park shows.

Here’s the complete track listing from iTunes; tragically, the song titles don’t offer any explanation as to what episode, season, or context the songs were used in:

  1. Get Plastered
  2. June Breaks
  3. WeddingBells/WhiteHouse
  4. PartyGoers
  5. Martini Hangover
  6. Fishnet
  7. Cocumental
  8. Grammy Gown
  9. BoomBox Deluxe
  10. New Smokes
  11. Studio Cats
  12. Rushed
  13. The Big Room
  14. Prodigal
  15. Team GoGo
  16. Trance Tense/Dissection
  17. Breath On Me
  18. Doggy Fun

For some reason, the iTunes track listing doesn’t match the track listing on the record label’s page, and none of the songs are labeled as iTunes exclusives. Here’s what the record label says is on the album:

  1. Get Plastered
  2. BoomBox Deluxe
  3. Prodigal
  4. Blue Tuesday
  5. Rushed
  6. Martini Hangover
  7. Odysee
  8. White House
  9. June Breaks
  10. Cocumental
  11. Confidence
  12. Sex On Legs
  13. Team GoGo
  14. Mom’s Acoustic
  15. Breath On Me
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