Bravo renews Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List for a third season

Bravo has renewed My Life on the D-List, Kathy Griffin’s docudrama reality series, for a third season. Six one-hour episodes will air next year.

A Bravo press release says we can expect the return of Kathy’s assistant, Jessica, and her loveably wacky parents, John and Maggie Griffin,” plus “a new motley crew of personalities.” Not mentioned: Matt, the husband Kathy divorced after he allegedly stole money from her.

Curiously, the title of the network’s announcement says “Bravo Sticks With” Kathy, as if this was some kind of burden. Renewal of the show for a second season wasn’t immediate, as Kathy wanted more money. This past summer, Kathy complained to Page Six that the show had not yet been renewed, and Page Six guessed VH1 might like to pick it up if Bravo did not.

Also curious: The Bravo press release quotes Bravo’s executive vice president for programming and production, Frances Berwick, who says, “the new season will continue to show her D-List life in hilarious Technicolor.” That’s a relief, considering how dreary the first two seasons were in black and white.