Mario Lopez thinks he’s “the better dancer”; rumor that Emmitt’s win was fixed based on bad info

Dancing with the Stars 3 runner-up Mario Lopez is not a happy dancer. And he’s somewhat annoyed that, even though he says he’s the better dancer, he lost to Emmitt Smith.

“I figure if this was truly a dance competition they would have voted for the better dancer,” he told The New York Post. “I would like to think the criteria was based solely on being the best dancer, and I thought we did enough to accomplish that.”

Despite saying that, he insists, “I’m not crying over spilled milk. If I was going to lose to someone, it couldn’t have been to a better guy than Emmitt Smith.”

Speaking of losing, the Post asks Mario about reports that the competition was fixed in favor of Emmitt Smith because Mario wasn’t going to participate in the tour. On Wednesday, Janet Charlton, who previously claimed Rock Star Supernova had decided upon its winner weeks in advance, wrote “that Emmitt Smith is set to win tonight, regardless of how the voting goes. Producers decided that Emmitt HAS to win because Mario, as you read here, has told them he will NOT be going on the Dancing with the Stars tour! They can’t have a tour without the winner, can they?”

Sadly, had Janet done her homework, she would have seen that Emmitt Smith is not touring, either. Joey Lawrence is, and we all know how far he made it in the competition.

Mario confirms that Janet Charlton’s report is crap, just like Dave Navarro said her earlier report was crap. “He’s not doing the tour, either. I don’t know of any conspiracies. … I think [Smith’s win] was sort of a ‘Rocky’ element, kind of the underdog thing.”

Update: Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell reprints a funny story about a chance encounter with Mario on the night the finale aired. Apparently, Mario was wandering the streets of L.A. with his driver during the actual broadcast on the West coast (although hours after the live finale had concluded). Maxwell’s correspondent, acting coach Lisa Maile, writes that she was walking “when a car pulls up & Mario Lopez & his driver get out at the market. … Obviously not watching his finals, (you could tell) he was so disappointed, & Art & I told him he was great & congratulated him. He wanted to talk & asked us genuinely if we thought the best dancer won & if he’d done anything to offend viewers. … He was so down to earth & sweet, I was charmed! Just seemed so strange he’d be alone while millions were watching him.”

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