Kellie Pickler developing a FOX sitcom based on her life

FOX is developing a sitcom based upon American Idol 5 finalist Kellie Pickler’s life, and Kellie Pickler will star.

She “will play a naive small-town Southern girl — a character based on herself — who discovers that her biological father is the state’s well-respected governor,” Variety reports. “His presidential dreams are put in jeopardy, but the two form a father-daughter relationship that winds up helping his standing in the polls.”

One of the show’s executive producers, Brad Johnson, said Kelly is “fresh and sparkling and sweet, and we decided it would be great to take some of that natural comedic ability and put her in a situation comedy, surrounded by an ensemble.” In other words, there isn’t a chance in hell we’d let a non-actor lead a series by herself.

Kellie isn’t the first finalist from the talent competition to land her own sitcom pilot: Constantine Maroulis developed an ABC sitcom, but according to the Village Voice, it “never got past the script stage before ABC passed on the project.”

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