Who Wants to be a Superhero will return next summer

SciFi’s quasi-reality series Who Wants to be a Superhero? has been renewed by the network. A SciFi VP said the series “garnered great reviews, attracted a record-breaking number of younger viewers to the channel and held its own against some very stiff competition on Thursday nights.”

The show “has been expanded from six to 10 one-hour episodes for its second season, which is set to air on Sci Fi in the summer,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Host and executive producer Stan “Lee said the extra episodes will allow producers to add to whatever ‘zany idea’ or ‘outrageous gimmick’ they come up with.

That’s also plenty of time to find some out-of-work actors to act like everyday people who want to be superheros, and to script every single word Stan Lee will say all season.

Sci Fi orders more “Superhero” episodes [The Hollywood Reporter]