“Leaked” footage from Real World Denver house shows two women making out

A video that purports to be from The Real World Denver house shows two of the female cast members making out in a hot tub with a guy eagerly asking to join in.

In many ways, this clip feels like it was created to be viral video to pimp the new season. Besides the very clean timecodes, which for some reason include the full name of the show, the scene doesn’t feel very genuine. In fact, as I watched it, I was convinced I was watching a spoof because it was so badly acted. Toward the end, the guy unties one of the women’s tops and she doesn’t even respond, as if she expected it.

But the scene was clearly filmed at The Real World Denver house; during the last few seconds, the camera swings around and the house’s very unique basketball court, shown in this aerial photo, is clearly visible. And the authority on all things related to the show, Get Real Denver, identifies the participants as actual cast members: “Ty begs to join in a girl-on-girl makeout session between Brooke and what appears to be Jenn.”

Perhaps this is genuine footage; perhaps it was set up and leaked to get attention for the series. Judge for yourself: