Denver cast was usually “very, very drunk,” was not allowed to go to concerts, ball games

With the Nov. 22 premiere of The Real World Denver less than a month away now, press coverage is building. And to be honest, most of it bores me to tears.

For example, cast member “Stephen” (his name is in quotes, implying it’s a fake name) chatted with users last week, and for starters, he whored his MySpace page and quickly proved that he really does want to have a career in politics, answering nearly every question by starting with, “Thank you for the question.” Besides that, he pretty much painted himself into a corner as the conservative, religious one, saying “My political views are conservative” and “my steps are ordered by my Lord and Savior so really all things are possible.” So unoriginal.

However, the Rocky Mountain News, which along with the Denver Post has had consistently the best coverage related to the show that has used and abused their city, breaks a little news with an interview with Davis and Brooke. First, Davis says that cast members living life in the real world weren’t able to go certain places. “I really wanted to go to a concert at Red Rocks and I couldn’t,” he said. “And Coors Field was just up the street, but we weren’t allowed to go there.”

Those restrictions, of course, make sense, because who wants to see someone going to a concert when we can watch them get trashed and hook up? Speaking of, “aspiring actress” Brooke told the paper that she was the only chaste one. “I was the only person in the house who did not have sex,” she said.

The marketing director of a bar frequented by the cast, Lodo’s, confirms that they basically were drunk constantly: Beth Shaughnessy tells the MTV Real World Cast News Blog, “everytime we saw them, they were pretty shnookered” and they were “very, very drunk.” She also confirms that they made out, even when cameras weren’t there: “We noticed early in the season, Alex and Brooke making out in the hallway to the bathroom with no cameras around.” She adds that the cast “tipped when they were in our establishment,” but says a “the rumor around town was that they tipped $5 on $250 tab.”

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