Bachelor’s prince reportedly never visited Rome before the show, took a language course

An anonymous relative of Bachelor 9 star Prince Lorenzo Borghese has revealed to Radar that the prince, who’s actually a prince, may never have been to Rome prior to filming the show.

“A member of the Borghese clan tells Radar he doesn’t know of Lorenzo, who calls Rome his ‘second home,’ ever having made a pilgrimage to the Eternal City before signing on for The Bachelor,” Radar reports. In addition, producers “enrolled Borghese in an intensive Berlitz Italian language course before filming began, according to the source.”

Radar also disputes his US home, which ABC says is Connecticut. According to the site, “his parents, Princess Amanda Borghese and Prince Francesco Borghese, have lived in the tony New Jersey suburb of Short Hills since 1979, and his permanent addresses from before 2001 all list him as a resident of the Garden State.”

If anyone in ABC’s reality division had half a clue, they totally would have used that to their advantage. Screw a fantasy romance in Rome and instead take a page from Flavor of Love; The Bachelor: Jersey City just might have made the show a hit again.

Bachelor Prince A Royal Phony [Radar]