Amazing Race 11 will reportedly be an all-star season

Having failed to learn its lesson, CBS has reportedly ordered an all-star season of its third major reality show, The Amazing Race, its only marquee reality series that has been as-yet-untouched by such a stunt.

Citing “credible confirmation,” TVgasm reports “that the eleventh season of The Amazing Race, which begins shooting next month, will be an ALL STAR edition.”

The cast is apparently already in place: “contracts have been signed and racers will return for the eleventh season, which begins shooting next month,” the site reports. The good news, at least for me: Charla and Mirna are returning, according to TVgasm. The bad news: so are Colin and Christie, and probably every other loathsome team.

While the all-star seasons of both Survivor and Big Brother were underwhelming and not exactly runaway hits, The Amazing Race is, at least in theory, a different sort of show because teams are essentially racing only against themselves. But depending upon who’s selected and what, if any, changes are made to the race itself, an all-star season could be as flat as CBS’ other two attempts.

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