Introducing the latest version of reality blurred

Welcome to the newest edition of reality blurred.

As you’ll see, fundamentally, the site retains the same features and layout, as a lot of changes are invisible but make things easier for me. Besides a hopefully more modern aesthetic, the site now takes advantage of the wider screens that 95 percent of you use. In addition, it should make the site more easy to navigate, particularly the six years worth of articles (6,300 and counting) and the many shows and their many seasons (250+).

Thanks to those of you who’ve sent feedback and comments during the longer-than-expected beta testing period. To the kind, helpful soul who said “i coulda pulled a better redesign out of my [ass],” I appreciate your comments. And that’s a very talented ass you have; you should let it do consulting.

As always, let me know if anything doesn’t work for you, and I welcome your feedback, particularly if it has to do with a talented body part. And thanks for reading.