Vincent says Project Runway is “kind of trashy” and calls Tim Gunn “a trashmouth”

Vincent Libretti, former Project Runway, and laughingstock because of his laundry tantrum, says the show is “kind of trashy” during an interview segment that’s now on Bravo’s web site.

Defamer transcribed the most entertaining part, in which Vincent slams Tim Gunn once again. Besides apparently only having one adjective at his disposal (“trash” and its derivatives), Vincent also continues his embarrassing use of the term “blogspots” instead of “blogs”; even after a crew member says “blog,” Vincent says “blogspots” immediately afterwards, as if the crew member is the retarded one.

Here’s the relevant part of Vincent’s latest tirade, in which he dismisses the show and everyone’s best friend Tim Gunn:

“The blogspots and the Bravo site, it’s all fucking trash. Tim Gunn is a trashmouth. He puts people down. He wants to really ignite their trashy, cheap explosions to get these people to react. This show is like that. It’s kind of trashy….You go to the blogspots. People are ripping people apart. Why rip these designers apart? Where was one ounce of camaraderie shown on this show?…It wasn’t there.”

Episode 12 Bonus – Vincent’s Take [Bravo]