Tim Gunn: with “Season 3, it was Bravo’s intention to brand [Runway] as a summer show”

Before the season finales of the first two Project Runway seasons, Bravo had already begun casting for the next season. That has not happened this, the third season.

Will there be a fourth season? Considering the ratings, it’s impossible to believe there will not be. But in a wide-ranging interview with The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan, Tim Gunn says, “We haven’t even announced a new season. I hope there is one. I am hoping there will be, I love it so much.”

The other big question is whether the show would move to a twice-yearly schedule, having just aired two seasons this past year. That appears to be a one-time thing, however, as Tim says, “with the start of Season 3, it was Bravo’s intention to brand it as a summer show.” Following the same schedule as last year would mean casting starting in March and then production in June, although without a current season on air, it’s likely casting would begin earlier.

Tim also reveals that, during final deliberations, the guest judge, Fern Mallis, did not want Jeffrey to win. “She really leaped to a position of championing Laura and Uli in the face of some antipathy from Heidi, Nina and Michael, having to do with how narrow their scope is,” Tim said. He adds that “There was a lot of debate, it wasn’t a matter of, ‘OK, it’s Jeffrey, let’s all leave and have a cocktail.'”

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