Keith says someone planted the books in his room; Vincent threatened to quit because of his laundry

The “never before seen footage” on reunion shows tends to consist of footage that was not shown before for good reason, usually because it’s dreadfully boring. That was not the case with a scene shown during last night’s Project Runway 3 reunion.

First, however, the reunion included a couple interesting moments, such as when Keith, who was kicked off the show, accused the production of framing him. After unsuccessfully arguing that it “wasn’t in the contract that we couldn’t bring books” (the whole cast shouted in unison, “yeah, it was”), Keith went on to admit to bringing the books. But he said, “They were taken away from me when I got here. They were then returned a week later to my room. I was then dismissed from the show for having books in my room. Uncomfortable, isn’t it?” Yes, especially because you forgot to mention this before.

Tim Gunn came to the producers’ defense, saying, “I’ve worked with these producers for three seasons now. Their seriousness, their integrity is unimpugnable, and basically, Keith, you are saying you were set up, and sabotaged.” Keith backed down, saying, “I didn’t say I was set up.” Tim pointed out that he was “suggesting it’s a conspiracy,” and Keith replied, “Not a conspiracy. I don’t know how it got into my room. I really have no idea. I have absolutely no idea.”

But nothing could compare to the never-before-seen footage of Vincent’s tirade, which Tim Gunn called “one of the most dramatic and someways scariest moments of the season.” Vincent became extremely upset and threatened to quit the show when his laundry came back, apparently damaged in some way. He exploded:

“I told these people 25 goddamn times don’t put my clothes in the freakin’ laundry. Where is this fucking guy? I’m out of here. That’s bullshit. I told these people not to do this to my clothes. I am so pissed off right now. No respect. Who’s going to pay the bill for my clothes?”

As Kayne and Michael stood on the balcony making fun of him, Vincent got even more angry while screaming at a producer:

“Do not put my fuckin’ clothes in the laundry. A hundred and twenty five dollar fucking goddamn shirts ruined. I told them, I wrote a fucking note in there, I put in the bag, don’t fluff and fold the shirts. Goddammit. … Fuck you, I’m outta here. Get me a motherfucking plane ticket. Fuck this shit, that’s it. Fuck you all. (in the hall) I told the fucking guy…”

Because the Internet is a wonderful place, someone placed a clip of this moment during the reunion on YouTube a few days ago, and considering the timecode, it seems as though this came from deep within the bowels of Bravo. In any case, here’s Vincent: