Jeffrey Sebelia: “I wanted people to hate me”

Jeffrey Sebelia’s first post-Project Runway 3 win interview is online at, and it’s contains both expected and unexpected revelations.

Refreshingly, he admits that what we saw was him, and doesn’t blame the editing for what he says is a limited perspective of the designers. “None of us are one-dimensional. But I’m a very grateful person, I’m very compassionate. I’m really nice, actually,” he says. “I have a shrewd side and I have a competitive side and there wasn’t room for all of me on the show. I don’t blame it on editing.”

Non-refreshingly, he says that his personality was an intentional persona. “I wanted people to hate me. I’m going to bring this hand buzzer, these stupid tricks. I want people to look at me as this character who is so full of himself that he doesn’t know that these things aren’t funny. And hate that about me.” Well, mission accomplished, ass.

He then takes a 180-degree turn and criticizes the reaction from viewers, saying, “The general public seems to have a sort of unwillingness or inability to separate themselves from what they’re seeing on TV.”

He also blames Laura’s accusations in part on viewers’ reactions in the blogspots: “I think that if Laura spent less time on the blogs, and more time reading over the rules and googling pleating services and finishing, she might not feel like somebody had one up on her,” he says. In fact, Laura called Jeffrey to give him updates repeatedly on how much people on the blogspots hate him. “Four times in two and a half months. Almost on a schedule. The first three times she called me, it was to tell me about the blogs she was reading and about how the bloggers hate me. ‘How you doing?’ ‘Good.’ ‘ Good, good. Man, those bloggers hate you.’ A week later, ‘Man those bloggers hate you.’”

Jeffrey also talks about his post-show interaction with the other designers. He watched the reunion at Laura’s house, although not because they’re best friends (instead, he refers to her as his enemy). He also says Vincent “came to visit me a few times, and it got too wacky and I had to decide never to call him again. He said some things that scared me.”

Finally, Jeffrey comments on the other three designers’ collections, and sounds just like he sounded on the show, which is to say brutally honest and rude. On Michael Knight, he says, “I don’t see what other people see in his design ability. I think that what comes out…he needs a lot more experience”

Q&A with Season 3 Winner Jeffrey Sebelia

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