Jeffrey: “I fucking made the entire collection, but I’m scared to death that I’m not going to be showing at Bryant Park”

The first part of the two-part Project Runway 3 finale aired last night, and as expected, it included Laura’s accusation that Jeffrey cheated, despite his insistence that these were “unfounded rumors”.

Laura told us, “I really have no problem with Jeffrey. I believe it’s his designs, but you just don’t pull craftsmanship like that out of your ass. … I think some people are going to feel like I was, like, a total bitch to bring it up or say anything, but it just didn’t happen. There’s no way that that collection was sewn exclusively by Jeffrey in the last two months.”

Michael, especially, seemed to agree; he said, “Thoughts started going through my mind as well. You know, we’d never seen that type of work from him before.” Even Uli seemed skeptical after examining some of Jeffrey’s garments, although she found some that weren’t quite as flawless as Laura claimed. “Laura, it’s not that perfect,” she said.

After Laura reported her concerns to Tim Gunn, Laura told Jeffrey, who looked stunned. “I’ve worked every single day on this. I didn’t waste one day of my–one minute of my time. … Fuck yeah, it’s perfect. This is fucking Bryant Park. Yeah, it’s perfect. It makes me fucking pissed, it makes me sad, because I know what I’ve done in order to get to this level,” he said.

Later, he told us that her accusation was “sort of pitiful. She figures that if anyone does better than her, they must be fucking cheating. It’s crazy. I just don’t get it. Who fucking cares what you think?” Well, Tim Gunn and the producers do; Tim promised an investigation, telling Jeffrey, “We’re going to be looking at your receipts carefully and looking into this.” At the end, Jeffrey told us, “I fucking made the entire collection, but I’m scared to death that I’m not going to be showing at Bryant Park.”

The most damning part, however, came during the preview for next week, when Tim assembles the group and says, “We have taken these concerns very seriously, and unfortunately …” For a few seconds, we see Jeffrey collapse into Uli and start sobbing. Michael looks at the floor, and Laura has a sort of blank expression on her face. But is he crying out of happiness for being cleared? Or has he been disqualified?

Either way, he definitely presented a collection during Fashion Week, but whether or not he’s still eligible to compete is a different question.