Footage from designers’ arrival at Bryant Park may or may not reveal Jeffrey’s fate

Bravo has posted a few lengthy clips from tomorrow night’s show, and one may offer a pretty big spoiler (read on and watch with caution). First, it’s a few minutes from the show, not just a few seconds. And second, the clip seems to answer the question about what happened with Jeffrey.

The preview shown after last week’s episode showed Jeffrey sobbing into Uli’s shoulder after Tim Gunn makes an announcement, and that almost seemed to be too much information, like the editors wanted us to think he was eliminated. And now comes this footage, which shows the designers arriving at Olympus Fashion Week. If it’s raw and from the show, the clip gives us a pretty clear answer about what happened, even though it does not show Tim Gunn at all. However, it might also just be cleverly edited so as to mislead us. See what you think: